View Poll Results: Which do you prefer? Touchscreen or clamshell?

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  • Touchscreeen: I300 or I330 or I700

    4 66.67%
  • Clamshell: I500 or I600

    2 33.33%
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    Question Would you buy another touchscreen smartphone?

    With the I300 out and and new I330 out as well and the highly anticipated I700 coming out next March, would you buy another touchscreen smartphone or the thought of a clam smartphone such as the I500 or the I600?

    Let us know!<iframe src="" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    the i700 looks to be very nice. that may be my next one.. i dont think sprint will carry the 7135...

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    It took me a while to warm up to the concept, but I will now purchase the 500 or 7135. I plan on skipping the 330.

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    Owners of the 300 and 330:

    Have you had a problems dialing the touchscreen? Do you feel much more comfortable with regular buttons and using the touchscreen for apps? I myself have found that the once I have all my contacts in my address book, that I mostly just dial from there and don't use the keypad that often. I have been looking at the I700 and it looks great. But it does look bigger than the I330 side by side. Which brings me to my next question. Would you sacrifice size for power? The I700 looks great but I think I would like the I600 with it's clamshell shape and Pocket PC. The real difference is that the I700 has a built in camera and the I600 does not. But I am pretty sure it will soon be an accessory. Also, the early pics look like the I500 and I700 will be with Sprint, which is what I have. There is no mention of the I600 coming to Sprint. Any commnets?

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