Poll: How Does Qmail Compare to WebIS Mail?

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    Mail Alternative...No...really

    First, let me say, I love WebIS...

    the makers of Pocket Informant and WebISMail and others. I really think they make great stuff. As most of you know, they are pounding away at WebISMail. I've used every single version including the latest Beta. They're all feature packed!

    Except for one HUGE flaw that makes it completely unusable for me. I'm sure some of you who've used the application, and tried to connect to a big mailbox will know what I'm talking about. It takes forEVER to check messages on big boxes.

    It seems like it downloads the entire message list (headers or whatever), before it decides whether it needs to pick up anything new. I've made posts on the forums for a year now (or so)regarding this issue and haven't seen any resolution.

    Well, I just may have found a real alternative. I would like others to try it and see if they think it's as good as I do. Maybe if we get enough buzz, it will force WebIS to fix the problem.

    it's called QMail, and it's latest release 3.0 seems to have most of the features WebIS Mail, most notably, it takes 5 seconds) to check my 800 message yahoo box (WISM took 5 minutes), and HTML support. It's not as user friendly to setup as WISM but it's sure feature packed and highly configurable. Oh, did I mention...it's free.....yeah...I know....

    One thing I should mention is, while they claim SSL support (read in gmail support), I haven't been able to get it working....let me know if anyone gets it going...

    I don't want to take business away from WebIS, they're a US company that I support....but I have to vote with my pocket book...and in the capitalistic model....get better or die.

    WebIS....heres the new bar....

    QMail Website (bablefish translated)


    A Useful FAQ / Setup guide

    I'm really interested in hearing your feedback on this people.

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    I had the exact same problem with my 1000+ messages. Thanks for the heads up on qmail!

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