Poll: Biggest reason for WM5 upgade?

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    Why is the WM5 upgrade important to you?

    I just read about a lawsuit against Microsoft and their coming "push" email in exchange server for WM5. I don't know about the rest of you. that is about the ONLY reason why I would want a WM5 phone. now that we have the bluetooth stuff worked out and WMedia 10...

    Tell me again why we need WM5?

    don't get me wrong...I'll still gladly pony up the $20 I pledged for to the effort....but I'm just thinking aloud.

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    actually we don't have an OFFICIAL update with WM10 and BT. I want that so that I can be certain that Sprint and Audiovox are behind the device. I'm sure nothing ill would become of me using the hack update, but a simple point and shoot update from an official source would be nice.

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    Well, WM2005 isn't really that important to me, in terms of the OS. About the only part of WM2005 I'm looking forward too is the upgraded BlueTooth. If the upcoming Treo 700 were to come out with WM2003, I'd still go for it. I'm after a device with a better/more comfortable design, not upgraded deatures....although I won't be complaining.
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