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    GPS Software

    I figure it would be easier for users to just look at this poll to find recommendations on software rather than search through posts. I am pretty set on getting iGuidance
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    We had a poll like this a couple of months ago - the problem is that the Palm people have very limited options and skew the results. - sheureka
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    iGo 2006 beats everyone hands down!!

    As an avid Pocket PC user, and owner of 3 I have tried a lot of GPS mapping system for Pocket PC. I noticed that my top 3 aren't even on the list, so I decided to chime in. I hope this is not out of place, but here is my opinion.

    My Top 4

    #1 iGo 2006 (Good: The best GUI, fastest, and most innovative. I loaded the entire United State, and Canada and it still runs with only a slight delay!! Interactive map in both 2D and 3D! The best search by far!! You can actually filter by name all the businesses in the entire United States!! Bad: No voice recognition, can't control the voice redundancy, no traffic)
    #2 Navigon (Good: Decent GUI, voice recognition good looking maps. Bad: Somewhat on the slow side. Bad bluetooth GPS control)
    #3 DestinAtor (Good: Better speed, interactive map, but only in 2D)
    #4 TomTom (Good: Traffic, voices, colors galore! Bad: Non interactive map Not very intuitive! Slow!! Don't even try to load the entire United States it will take 5-7 min just to load a street name!)

    I am so impressed with iGo, maybe I will write an article about it later.

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