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    Lightbulb Polls

    I am suggesting the implementation of some sort of a poll to review different hardwares, accessories, headsets, GPS and so on. Instead of spending hours going through threads and searching for ideas may be there would be just a poll, with numbers for everyone to express their "ratings" of a certain hardware.
    It could be as simple as let's say if we are reviewing a Headset; choosing your favorite from among lets say 5 of them.
    Or we could have a pole for each separate headset, and ratings using different categories like usability, sound, DSP....etc.
    This would make it easier lets say going through one threat and quickly to know what is the best out there...
    IF you find this Idea worth it let me know, and we can start putting some polls together.

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    There is a forum specific for polls.

    There is a forum specific for requesting help choosing which device to get.

    This site is designed to be laid out in specific areas. This forum you are posting in is the i730, i830, i830w forum. Sure other topics are discussed, but 95%+ should be directly related to the i730, etc. Being that bluetooth headsets aren't directly related to the i730, really they should have their own forum, but since performance varies between devices, they are generally discussed in each forum specific to the device.

    Also the problem with polls is the exact same as threads. You can comment in a thread, and choices CONSTANTLY change. For example, if you go to the BIG thread about bluetooth headsets and start on page one, you won't find half the headsets discussed, this is because they are already off the market. This is why we say threads that discuss constantly changing topics like Bluetooth headsets, start at the end and work forward.

    This is also why I suggested to the site owners to add the Headset question in the profile. With this, you are able to see what active users are using in almost any threads.

    With polls, the questions generally aren't specific and aren't extremely well thought out, as there are usually many choices to choose from, that aren't able to be listed, and then your results are off because of this. This is why all Poll questions get moved directly to Poll thread, very shortly after being asked.

    We have a specific thread that you are welcome to submit reviews to regarding headsets, accessories, GPS, hardware, etc. The problem is, we are a discussion board, not a review website. Sure reviews do get made, and discussions come right after and people talk about the good and bad. I realize that you are looking for information on headsets and other hardware, but this forum is directly related to the i730.

    I know people want to find information easier, but if you search, you really can find it. There are many options in the search to modify to narrow the results and find more information on each topic, trust me, I point out threads all the time.

    Polls give you a quick result in data, but don't explain the drawbacks, where a little reading goes a long way. So if you want to do polls, go for it, but do it in the polls thread, not here, as they will be moved, just like this one...

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