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    BEWARE! FREE ringtone at MySprint!

    Has anyone had or have a $9.99 + tax ring tone charge applied monthly to their bill after clicking on a free ring tone advertisement on MySprint page? Took 5 months to get this resolved which accumulated to over $50.00, called several times and was told it was taken care of; then it would show up on next month's bill. Finally 2 weeks ago a rep at sprint cust. care explained that it's not Sprint but a third party and that I would have to call my self and that Sprint had nothing to do with it and doesn't receive any money from the charges; "Like I believe that one", it's on their site "MySprint" advertised as a free ring tone on us. Yet it's not their problem! After the rep explained that there was such a things as a list, I asked to be put on a list that doesn't allow any third parties from sending text messages that when opened they automatically start charging for some kind of service. If you want more detail call and ask a Sprint rep., So beware and get on the list. I'm down over $50.00 and get this never even got a free ring tone or any ring tone yet paid for the service.

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    Yeah, you can be put on a list so that you don't get charged for premium text message services. I did this a long time ago.


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