Long story short - I ordered the XV-6800 with an 8 Gig card (the card alone is 130.00) only to find out on-line the phone doesn't work with the 8 Gig. When the order came in, I went to pick it up at Fed-Ex and immediately in the Fed-Ex waiting room, opened the box that had the card in it and sent it back with the pre-paid Fed-Ex stamp they send you. I tracked the package on-line and found out it was recieved back at Verizon on the 20th of Dec.

I called Verizon earlier (just after before Christmas) and one person told me it takes about 5 business days. I still don't show the return credit and just now another rep told me it could take 1-2 business cycles - meaning 1 to 2 months.

What gives - If I had known it takes that long to process a return I would have bought the stupid card at a store instead of on-line. The return would have been processed faster.

Anyone else have a long wait or was it relatively quick?

Just a word to wise- buy it from the store, the price is the same and the returns are much faster.