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    Is the Smartpphone Your Next Computer?

    Here is an article I found on Information Week today... I thought I would throw it out there for discussion...

    Is The Smartphone Your Next Computer? -- Smartphones -- InformationWeek

    I realized that my smartphone would be a decent replacement for hauling around a laptop probably a month into owning my first smartphone many years ago...
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    it depends, for on campus all day in lecture classes, I carry my laptop, for around the house I use the laptop, for photo editing, the laptop, for studying on the go: the phone, for quickie notes on the run, the phone, for notes when interviewing a patient, the phone... editing docs on the fly, the phone, I have a list of things like this... until I got my current laptop, I used my phone for anything outside the house and a desktop at home, but with going back to school, I really appreciate having the full laptop with me on campus sometimes.. but I've learned when its worth carrying it, and when its not worth the bother. I store my class notes on a memory card, so they can be in the phone OR the laptop as needed.

    great article though... I used a PDA instead of a laptop 10+ years ago in school though- I had a keyboard setup for my palmOS pda back then.. I could do that today, but with profs makign powerpoints available online, and asking questions that I can surf for quick answers in, I like to have both teh presentation and a word doc open side by side for notetaking.. which I can't do on the phone.

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