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    Bluetooth car stereo?

    Is there a car stereo (or an adapter) that will let me stream audio from my phone to my car stereo? I have bluetooth on my phone (with the stereo A2DP protocol) and have tons of music on it. I have a stereo bluetooth headset that I use all the time. I was just thinking it would be awesome if I could have the output play thru my car stereo instead of my headset.

    Does anyone know of a car stereo that does this? Or does anyone know of an adapter you can put on a car stereo to make it do this?

    On that note- what are the best car stereos out there that have built in bluetooth for talking on the phone?

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    I use the sony mex-bt5100.

    That is a couple of generations old at this point, but they work quite well. The best would be the bluetooth deck with a usb port on the front for charging.

    Search amazon for sony bluetooth in dash
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