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    Unhappy Victim of Craigslist? What to do with phone?

    I bought a BB Pearl for Alltel from a family. It was the wife's phone. I called Alltel to swap phones. Apparently, Its reported stolen/lost. I called them and said that I will contact the police and that I know their driver license and number. I bought it for $65 dollars. They told me that the phone needs to be flashed and thats why they sold the phone for cheap. The wife used the phone and her number is in the Blackberry. Does anyone know what to do!?

    If I do flash it.... Alltel knows my phone that I wanted to swap is reported.
    Would they refuse to activate after I flash!??


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    They probably won't activate a stolen/lost phone. You'll need to try to get your money back using whatever you can (compalint to Craigslist, file a challenge with your credit card company or PayPal, etc.), but odds are they won't activate that phone since they show it as someone else's property.

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