Brief history…

Owned a 6700, loved it, got a 6800, loved it.

Then I liked it…

Then I tolerated it, and only felt better when I made fun of iPhones.

The quirkiness of it got me to the point where I would say “Well, that’s Microsoft products for ya” and thought that would somehow legitimize me holding on to such a crappy phone.

Finally, I actually used an iPhone, and people at work were asking me to configure them for email for our workplace.

Amazingly fast, and easy…

Now, I am no fanboy, but seeing a PDA phone perform like the iphone did kind of made me wonder “Do I really need to be holding on to such a sub-par phone?”

Finally, the droid is released and a friend of mine (Also a disgruntled 6800 user) gets one. We have lunch; I test it out, and am sold. I buy one 2 weeks later and never look back…

Then, I remembered I got about $50 on eBay for my 6700, maybe I can fair that well for the 6800. I had loads of accessories and SD cards to boot.
I try to use the touch pad with what little battery power was left… no response. I reboot it. No response. I do a HARD reboot…. You know that screen it beings you to that requires you to touch the screen like 5 times? Well, the touch screen still wouldn’t work; I couldn’t get past that first screen, so I certainly couldn’t sell it on eBay. The 6800’s last laugh at me.
Then I thought “It would be fun to shoot this thing whilst powered on.” And I thought how much more enjoyment I would get out of that than the $50 I would blow in no time.

So, for all of you 6800 owners (or former owners) who would love to see your :

• Alltel HTC PPC6800
• Bell HTC 6800
• Qwest Mogul by HTC
• Sprint Mogul by HTC
• Telus HTC P4000
• US Cellular HTC PPC6800
• Verizon Wireless XV6800
• Telecom New Zealand HTC Titan (Ships running Windows Mobile 5)
• nTelos Wireless HTC 6800

Get blown away by my choice of Taurus .38 special, Mossberg 12 gauge Riot gun, my Smith and Wesson .22 pistol or my Ruger .22 rifle, please donate $1 to my PayPal account. Those who donate will be sent a private Youtube link (basically, you can only view it via email invitation) to the video. The shooting will happen sometime before the first week in March and the video should be up and link sent to donor’s before the 2nd week in March. New baby coming in March so I will want to get all this out of my system before then. And the extra cash will help us out.

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