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    Smartphone blashpemy - 2 months later

    After spending a couple of days with an ipaq and a bt phone....um....dare I say it...I can actually see myself with this cool little SE T610 and a nice 624 MHz ipaq. I want WM2003SE, I want a VGA screen. I want the memory to have three digits!

    The thing that is sticking with me is how everything just worked. Once I got rid of the Verizon crap, I turned things on, set them up and they worked. BT worked with everything I tried to do. Wi-Fi worked perfectly.

    I am sure one thing that has got me going is I discovered my 6315 has the wi-fi problem. I was able to wi-fi sync twice but can't anymore. But I can if it's plugged in (replacement is on the way).

    I keep two phones, a small one to just shove in my pocket and the 6315 for other times. I was thinking about using the T610 as my new "small phone" when it hit me. Why not just use it as my only phone? Then I started thinking about how I really use my 6315 and is it more cool then efficient for me.

    OK I feel better confessing....
    Back in October, I went ahead and took the plunge. I stopped using a smartphone (hp6315 at the time). I had only used smartphones...EVER! My first pda and my first cell phone (that I used) was a Kyocera 6035. I made the big leap to PPC with the Samsung i700. Until October I had never used a "plain old" cell phone. So this was a big change for me.

    I purchased an ipaq hx4705. Gorgeous screen, WM2003SE, 624 MHz. Heaven in the palm of my hand! But could I get used to having two devices?

    The answer is YES! I love it. I was carrying a pda so many places that I just needed a phone. I love having a small phone that I can just clip to my pocket. I find my pda use has dropped significantly. Alot of my pda use is tweaking the pda Here's some blashpemy for ya...I could actually see myself without a pda!

    We all know that there are compromises we make with new technology. But I do enjoy the smaller number of "acceptable annoyances" I have with the two devices. I don't think my perfect device is out there, but the 4705 is pretty close for a pda. I have since moved from the SonyEriccson T610 (for sale, PM me if you are interested) to a Motorola A630. Again, pretty great phone. Perfect? No, but closer.

    I don't even think the decision was based so much on settling or being tired of making compromises. It is the way you use your devices. For me, two devices work just like I want them to work. And it allows me to have a better phone and a better pda. I think if I used my pda more, I would be back to a single device.

    It has also caused a big shift in my online posting. I rarely come here anymore I just don't have that much to contribute with the newer smartphones.

    Just wanted to share

    Happy Holidays!

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    Happy Holidays to you, harley! Glad to see you around.

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    Miss seeing ya around harley, but I am glad you are enjoying the unconverged life!
    Jeremiah 29:11

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