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    does the whole world want something for nothing?!?!

    well, i started my new job last week, and its a total joke! they dont have a local office, and management is complaining that we dont sell enough phones, even though their "top salesmen" are not selling what we are selling??? wtf?

    so i go online to find another job, and all the listings are for employeers looking for something but they dont offer anything in return. this world is just not like it should be. everyone begs, and no one is willing to really work. i have not seen my family all week, and have nothing to show for it. thank god for the sabbath. if it wasnt for that i would have never seen them PERIOD this week.
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    dude i hear ya! this world is not in a good place right now.. i totally ybderstand where you are coming from... keep ya head up (its hard sometimes i know!) and keep moving....

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