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    set up a site, worth it?

    A few of us set up a site to help people to upload their own Ringtones, wallpapers amd games to their cell phones or pda phones. I got a lot respnses like: I cannot believe there are people doing this. I started to ask similar question to myself.

    Yes, it costs a lot bandwidth. It does not make money. What do you think? worth doing?

    Here is the site .funformobile.com


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    Actually we have a thread here that members use to download ring tones. I am skeptical to advice people to use their cell numbers on a non-secure site and download ringtones. All we need is some person getting hold of those numbers and start sending Spam. As much as there have been cases of a few viruses being thrown around I would be VERY cautious in using this feature. I would PM the site admin. first to get his approval on this link. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying you will send the Spam, but there are chances that others might......
    Funny it worked.....the last time! Now I am not sure what was working before they put a hole in my head !

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