I had to call Cingular to activate international roaming on a BB unit. Was told that international roaming desk is by email only. No other ways of contact other than email; no phone, no walk over. You have a question, the rep sends an email over and wait for an answer, then the rep tells you over the phone. For half an hour, I could not get anything done and the rep kept telling me that if I wanted international data roaming, the only way I could do was to subscribe to the World BB unlimited plan, which is $70 a month instead of my domestic BB unlimited for $45. I said that this is occassional and want a pay as you go and he said no such thing. He also informed me that I could find the information on their web site by asking me to go to www.cingularwireless.com I got on the web site right away and within the minute, I found the info here http://www.cingular.com/customer_service/roaming_we which is 2 pages away from home page. Towards the bottom, it clearly states that "When you travel outside the U.S., all GPRS usage is just $.0195/kb." When I informed the rep what I found, he said he could not see such a thing. I spelled out the web page to him and he said he could not access the same information. He of course had no idea how to give me what the page said for $.0195/kb. This is when I started getting off on the guy and asked for a manager. Although the manager was more helpful and got me what I needed (Got me activated on international voice roaming WITHOUT emailing international desk and confirmed that if you have domestic unlimited BB plan, pay per use international data roaming is a given), he also said that's the way Cingular operates right now. I suggest to him that when a rep gets a sense that a topic is beyond what s/he can handle, they should voluntarily pass the call onto a senior or specialist instead of wasting the customer's time to train their own rep and end up asking for a manager anyways.