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    Talking Why pay .99/track or 9.99/album when you can pay .02/megabyte?!?!

    Yep yep!

    Finally, mp3s online that are cheap, but good! Its called, allofmp3, and I love it! Does anyone else here buy music legit online? I was doing the itunes thing for about a week when I ran across allofmp3. .02/megabyte is awesome! I spend about $1.50 an album (give or take). Not bad, eh?
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    Yahoo Unlimited $5/month(with a year subscription), unlimited downloads. If you have WMP 10 on your device you can listen to the songs on your device. It is subscription based so once the subscription runs out the songs are done, but still $5/month is almost nothing compared to buying tracks. $.79 if you want burnable. One other thing, not all the newest stuff is downloadable or accessible but alot is.

    allofmp3 seems a little sketchy to me. Take a look at the legal info. It seems like a good deal but its not clear to me that they are paying the artists. Anyway my friend uses it and really likes it as well.
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    yeah allofmp3 does not pay the artists (or they were not last year ) . i found out about thie site last year. it is a sketchy site and i dont recommend using it...

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