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    PDAPhoneHome sitings?

    I forgot to post this the other day when it happened, but I thought I'd share it to see if anyone else has had this happen. My day job is as a consultant with a big computer company. We had a fellow come in to educate our team the other day on some software tools. The guy was a great speaker... and had a lot of interesting stories to tell. One was that his grandfather had been credited with inventing something that we all use everyday, and for co-founding a very large company. As he was talking and walking around, he noticed me pull out my 6600. I had already noticed his also. He walked by and said, "is that a PPC6600?". I said, "yes". He said, "do you have the latest firmware?", and I said, "no". It was just slipped in to his dialog and no one else really knew what just transpired. Then he fires up his laptop on the overhead projector and don't you know that smack in the middle of his desktop was a shortcut to the PDAPhoneHome 6600 Forum! I never mentioned my affiliation with the site, and he never brought up the 6600 again. I was hesitant to tell the story, thinking he might see it... but I've made it neutral enough. I was thinking he might tell me to come here to get the latest update, but the subject never came back up.

    Anyone else spotted PDAPhoneHome or had it mentioned out there?
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    I have had co-workers bring it up before I did when discussing our various converged devices.


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