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Thread: iPod tips

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    iPod tips

    I'm new to the iPod world, and was wanting to glean off you techno-savvy folks. I just bought a 20GB iPod Photo for my wife (yeah, right! ). She wants one of those white car docks (plugs in the lighter to charge, hold, and FM transmit), but I'm having trouble finding one for the iPod photo. Plus I hear the sound stinks on the FM transmission, and I would be better off to use a cassette adaptor.

    Thoughts or ideas?

    Great iPod tips? Best download site? (My Yahoo downloads don't work...)

    Best accessories? Cases?

    I know I should pour over iLounge, but wanted to see what my eBuddies here thought first...
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    MW - Sorry I have not answered sooner. Been trying to find the site that I used before, I think it is Ipod Lounge.

    As for the FM adapter, I can not use it in Jersey due to the interference. I have also been through two tape adapters and really hated the quality in both.

    I expect digital music to be perfect every time, the slightest imperfection annoys me to no end. One suggestion is to head out to your local electronics/car stereo place. The PC Richards by me charges around $100 to install an audio line (aux in) in the car. This is by far the best way to connect the Ipod. I am not a fan of the kits online from sites like Parrot because I am not that handy with DIY and the costs are often prohibitive.

    We had the Ipod kit installed in my wife's X3 and it rocks so good luck.
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    I have an iPod Mini and have used two different FM transmitters--a generic Belkin and the iTrip. The iTrip performed a little better for me, but overall, it still sounds like an FM broadcast, not a clean, crisp, digital music experience.

    What I use in my car now is a product called FlexDoc. It comes in charcoal gray, which matches my dash perfectly, and white (I think). It plugs into the cigar lighter and has a Line Out plug at the base. I use a cassette adapter and it sounds pretty good--just about as good as the CD player. You sit the iPod in the FlexDoc and it powers the iPod and delivers the sound via the Line Out. It looks nice and clean just sitting there against the dash.

    The only drawback is that it can't really hold itself up because of the length of it. I use some "velcro-like" stuff to keep the top stuck to the dash.

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