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    Hp Ipaq 6515 Problem

    Dear Friends,
    I am using Hp Ipaq 6515 for about two months now. I am facing this problem which i am unable to solve as it is really strange. The Quick Gps connection utility which enables you to Download the latest GPs files doesnt respond often even after pressing the Quick GPS connection utility in the START>SETTINGS>CONNECTIONS>QUICK GPS CONNECTION menu. I need to reset the whole system before it can actually be accessed. After resetting it works perfectly fine. Does anyone know as to how to solve this problem, because i am having a lot of problems with respect to this as i need to reset the system quite frequently. I am afraid if i do this frequently then i might damage the windows installed inside it. I have windows Mobile 2003 on my system. Please help!

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    Yeah, I have the same problem.

    Sometimes the GPS file won't download. A soft reset works fine.

    It does not damage Windows in any way so don't worry about that.

    Here's a link to a fix page for the 6515, if you've only had it two months you've probably not experienced the 'random shutdown' or 'red light of death yet'.

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    There have been several updates to the QGPS client over the years. You may want to find an updated version from either HP or the software maker. I can't remember who made it, and I no longer have a 6515, otherwise I'd be able to help more.

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