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    Where can I preorder an Xbox 360?

    So where is the best place to preorder an Xbox 360? I need 2 of em, and I can go about $700 each for the bundle if I get enough stuff with it. So far, every place I check is sold out (except for game stop, and they want $800 and have a limit of 1 each).

    I guess I want the console (the one with a hard drive), a couple wireless controllers, and a few games.

    i would also like to get battery packs, charge while you play cables, xbox live headsets, HD cables, etc, but I don't absolutely need to get that in the bundle. I can always buy that stuff seperate. But I'm not against having it all included inthe bundle either 9as long as I can get it for around $700 or less).

    Anyone know a good place to preorder?

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    www.alliwire.com has a few xbox 360s left to pre-order

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    Or... you could send me a check for $1400 and I'll take the pre-order...

    Of course, I'll just wait until they show up in the stores, buy them, and send them to you....

    Seriously, I don't get the idea of doing a pre-order for anything. So often I see people doint pre-orders only to get stuck with being tied to waiting for one retailer to deliver, when other stores have them at stock a few days after they are available.
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