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    question about online store

    Hi guys.. I was looking in to buying a new phone, and i found this amazing price online at letstalk.com...

    i'm just getting in to the phone thing and i have never heard of this site letstalk.com and so this price just seemed to hard to believe, so could anyone tell me if this site is legit or not? cause i'm hoping that this price is not to good to be true (170$ cheaper than the real retail price)

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    Two things... either you are genuinely looking for advice on that site and want to find out if it is safe -or- you are trying to advertise in a very subtle, "give me the massage and then charge me double after" sort of way!

    I would be weary of all sites that offer something for a price that is too good to be true. I am sure there is a quote from the Bible somewhere that says something like "a fool and his pdaphone are soon departed"

    Good luck in your purchasing... or your website advertisement!

    - SC
    Here..maybe... do you smell something fishy?

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