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    verizon and bluetooth

    hi guys. so i have a bit of a dilema.

    i want the functionality of a smartphone, but i still think everything out there is a brick. treo is too big. basically i dont need to carry email capability all of the time so i can live with 2 devices.

    so i have a hand me down tungsten t and i want to connect it to the net/email. it does have bluetooth, but i have verizon. am i totally hosed?

    help me homies!!

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    Most Verizon phones still have the DUN profile so as long as the tungsten t has it you should be able to dial into the net through Verizon. I've never tried it with a palm. I know the V710 and the E815 have the DUN profile. (At least my friends that currently have them have used it for a DUN modem) I have not played extensively with the VX9800 but go to a store and see if the DUN profile is available.

    Now just because the DUN profile is there doesn't mean it will work the the Tungsten T. Give it a whack, you usually have 15 days(30 days in some states), no questions asked money back returns from Verizon.
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