I just joined Sprint this last week. I purchased 3 phones. I got 2 A940 & 1 6700. Today I checked the prices on Sprints website. The A940 was $80 cheaper, & the 6700 was $30 cheaper. I asked for a credit & they said no. I then said cancel my account & they told me to hold. I waited 5 minutes & they came & told me they wer giving me a credit of $190. I know some people here have just joined. Call them up & ask. Yesterday I wanted to return 1 a940. I told the rep I still was with Cingular till may & I did not need that many phones. He waited a minute & told me to keep the phone & he was not charging me for the phone till after may. He have me a $142 credit to my account. Sprint CSis far superior then Cingular ever was. PS I love my 6700. It is a lot faster then the Imate K Jam. I am glad to be with Sprint.