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    GSM affects iPods, not CDMA

    Yes I know this will get moved to the lounge, and I will probably do it later, but I wanted you all in the i730 forum to be able to see this, just another reason I love my CDMA technology phones... (from ilounge.com)

    The analyst also explained the RF issue that some iPod users have experienced. “We believe there may be a minor RF (radio frequency) interference problem with the new iPods in isolated cases when they are placed very near a ringing GSM cell phone,” Wu wrote. “From our checks, it appears to impact GSM and not CDMA phones and only on nanos and vPods. When a ringing GSM phone is directly in front of the click wheel, the iPod could go ‘crazy’ and its volume could fluctuate uncontrollably (reminds us of R2D2 when shot by a laser gun). We do not believe this impacts most users in everyday use. We believe this problem could be easily fixed by applying better or more foil tape inside the iPod similar to cell phones and other devices in shielding interference.”

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    Hahaha, thats too funy. This has to be happening more and more with all the cell phones, microwaves, portable computers, ect that everyone has.

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    hahaha NICE!
    "Who needs an IPOD when your PPC-6700 can do all that AND a bag of chips!"

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    Its rather annoying at work it messes up my phone, in my car screws up my iTrip (need to get a direct connection into the car audio for my iPod). So I am movin back to Verizon, Cingular can you hear me now.
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