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    Can I post about my Bad ebay seller

    I want to know if I can warn you folks about a BAD dealer on ebay. He does a ton of transactions and it seems that they are fine as long as the product is what he says it is or functions. However if there is a problem this guy is a nut job. He sold me a bad item, I wanted to resolve it with him, he would not respond until I got paypal involved, then accused me of being a thief and other things in emails. Can I warn my good friends here at pdaphonehome? Or is that not ok?

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    Sure you can...............as long its kept to a civil tone...........
    Funny it worked.....the last time! Now I am not sure what was working before they put a hole in my head !

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    I don't see a problem with it, but if its not related to pdaphone sales, then the odds of it helping anyone are pretty remote. Just make sure to stick to the facts.
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