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    Nigerian e-mail scammers jailed11/21/05

    Nigerian e-mail scammers jailed11/21/05 _|_ 10:01 AM PST Reuters, for ReutersADVERTISEMENTLAGOS-A court has sentenced twomen to a total of 37 years in prison fortheir part in defrauding a Brazilianbank of $242 million, the biggest scamin Nigerian history, newspapersreported on Saturday. The sentencing of Emmanuel Nwudeto 25 years and Nzeribe Okoli to 12years follows negotiations in whichthey agreed to plead guilty to 16 ofthe 91 original charges, and to forfeitassets worth at least $121.5 million tothe victims of the scam.A third fraudster, Amaka Anajemba,was sentenced to two and a half yearsin prison in July after agreeing toreturn $48.5 million to the SaoPaolo-based Banco Noroeste, whichcollapsed after the theft."The activities of the accused personsnot only led to the collapse of a bankin a foreign country, but also broughtmiseries to many innocent people,"Justice Joseph Oyewole was reportedas saying.The fraudsters obtained the money bypromising a member of the bank staffa commission for funding anon-existent contract to build anairport in Nigeria's capital Abuja.Scams have become so successful inNigeria that anti-sleaze campaignerssay swindling is one of the country'smain foreign exchange earners afteroil, natural gas and cocoa.These are the first major convictionsachieved by the Economic andFinancial Crimes Commission (EFCC),which was established in 2003 tocrack down on Nigeria's thrivingnetworks of e-mail fraudsters.Typically fraudsters send out junke-mails around the world promisingrecipients a share in a fortune inreturn for an advance fee. Those whopay never receive the promisedwindfall.Ranked the world's sixth most corruptcountry, according to an index byTransparency International, Nigeriahas given new powers to the EFCC,which is prosecuting about 200 fraudand corruption cases.The antifraud agency has arrestedmore than 200 junk mail scamsuspects since 2003. It says it has alsoconfiscated property worth $200million and secured 10 otherconvictions.Story Copyright_© 2005 ReutersLimited._All rights reserved.<< Back to All NewsSend feedback on this CNETNews.com channel to:news-avantgo@cnet.com Copyright © 1995-2005 CNETNetworks, Inc. All rights reserved.

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    Are these the guys that would send emails claiming they were Nigerian royalty?

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