I went to Sprint from Tmobile, I had many different phones with Tmobile and bought a ppc 6700 with Sprint, and it worked preety good reception wise and EVDO. Tmo didnt work in my apartment in NYC 57 street with Verizon or Cingular either,
I730 didnt work with evdo speed either, however I just had the worst day ever with any customer service reps and I need to vent this and possibly get some feedback help,.
My PPC 6700 battery was not keeping it's charge and the keyboard wasn't lighting up, this was the original phone I recieved with the Red Sprint logo,
CS offered to exchange it within the 14 days, but they wanted me to pay first again $599- I explained that I was disabled and had no landline and on a fixed income and just paid for the first phone and my credit card only has a certain amount of credit. They didn't care. I waited over two weeks and called to get a tracking number and CS says very angry that they never ordered the phone, but the card was charged. So after arguing for awhile I realized that I was not getting anywhere so I asked for a Supervisor who was nasty and useless. He connected me to cancel the order and get a refund. I called back to see if I could get a human being on the phone and the same routine however this rep. was worse and the supervisor this time Paul B ext 4686 was so rude that when I told him I was calling the corporate office at 703, and dialed the number and was on hold the phone went dead. I tried it again and again and then *2 I got message that the phone was deactivated. Amazing I couldnt beleive it. I am stuck home waiting for a Doctors call and he knew this, I told him, and he cuts off my only means of communicating other than online. I tried over and over to get through to customer service and since this turns out to be a business account for some reason, they at CS couldnt open my account and had to forward the call, but it kept getting cutoff and disconnected. Finally I get through to business and activations and they say the number I had is lost and I could only get a temporary number and my 212 number they will try and get it back, so I asked for a supervisor and she says the same and finally she said it worked and I had to hang up and take the battery out and it should be back on.
I did that and it was and had to go to voicemail to give it a password and then went to the website to try and write and complain about this horrible treatment. Useless, they were covering up what happened and denying everything.
So I call 703 and a supervisor and he offers some credit for the day of hell and writes out a complaint and orders the phone again.
So thats it, I am burnt out and wondering what to do from here.
I feel this was reverse discrimination the way they were handling me and they used there power to punish me.