If you aren't a digital photographer, then skip this thread. If you are, then this is a great free tool that I found recently and now love to use. Have you ever looked at an image online and wondered how it was captured. The info you need is in the EXIF data that usually held inside the JPEG file. Normally, you'd have to right click download the image, then open it in a viewer to see the EXIF data. Opanda has a freeware program that skips a few steps. Once installed, it gives you another right mouse click option to View EXIF. So, while looking at an online image, hit right mouse button, then select View EXIF, and now you can see what camera was used, along with all the settings. Of course, if the file has had the EXIF data removed, it won't help... but many fols retain EXIF data when resizing for the web. There is a version for IE and one for Firefox. I've used both with good results.