Submitted by AdamaDBrown on Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sprint, Samsung sued over SPH-i500

From the really not a joke file. Sprint and Samsung are being
sued for patent infringement over the SPH-i500 Palm OS
smartphone. Who's suing them? Why, none other than John and
Christina King, a pair of private citzens.

Just about the only thing that could make this suit stranger is
that the Kings actually hold title on two patents that could be
interpreted as covering clamshell-design smartphones, along with
virtually every Treo and PocketPC phone ever made. The patents,
filed in December of 2002, cover any "Foldable wireless
communication device functioning as a cellular telephone and a
personal digital assistant" and/or a "Cellular telephone having a
touch screen user interface."

The reality, though, is that unless the Kings have significant
evidence to support that they had this idea first, this suit is as
likely as not to be thrown out 15 minutes after it hits the
courtroom. The SPH-i500 alone received FCC approval in August
of 2002, and there's prior art for other devices as well.