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    Have you seen my stylus?
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    Here Sloppy, Sloppy, Sloppy......

    I've got some fresh mackerol......

    AND a WM5 update for your i730!!!!!

    Come on SC, All the penguins in need of a challenge will be doing it!

    Just visit the i730 if you have a chance!

    And Hey!!!!
    Where the hell is Equus!

    Mark @999 (the suspense is killing me)

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    Hey Meg... hope all is well. I hope the little one is doing great and you are getting some sleep. I saw that SuperDave and MRailing posted a WM5 update but I have been reluctant to try it. With my schedule, it will take me three weeks to recover from a hard reset.

    I am actually not sure where Equus has gone. I saw him at the National Space Symposium the other day but he was very rude. All he said was "Can't Talk, Chinese Space Program Officials are listening". Not many people know, but Equus was hurt last year and required surgery on his head. This was directly related to an issue on the International Space Station where a battery sized moon rock punctured his Hyundail Space Suit and obliterated his medula oblongota. Anyway, since the accident he has a real problem posting messages in forums and whenever someone beeps a car horn he immediately soft resets and foams at the mouth.
    Here..maybe... do you smell something fishy?

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