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    Lost my job. Anyone here start a PC repair business?

    I just lost my job on Friday and I decided after years of my family, friends, co-workers, etc, telling me I should start my own computer business, I think I want to go for it!

    Has anyone here started a computer repair/build business on their own with no money?

    I want to go after the on-site/in-home repair market which is non-existant in my entire area except for GeekSquad and 1 other local shop which is where I was just working but they do businesses. Most places charge $95-$150 for on-site repair which most home users can't afford. That's the market I want right now because it's HUGE in my area and I need income NOW! I'm going to start with basic stuff like software corruption/hardware failure and data recovery on family PC's then move into system building and open a physical shop for walk-in business and larger inventory.

    I have everything I need to start really except for a van, uniforms, business name, and a very small inventory of the most common things. I've been in the business professionally for almost 7 years now so I know exactly what I should need to start out. I already have all the physical tools and software tools needed for just about everything I should encounter starting out with what I outlined above. I also have sources already for low-cost software and hardware components to use for repair and up-sells while on-site. I plan on advertising in the local Camera Ads for now which should perfectly target the exact market I want right now, low-mid income familes who can't afford what everyone else charges and who know next to nothing about computers. I can use my personal cell phone for a business line.

    I literally only have $800 in my pocket and I can stay on a friends couch for now.

    So, has anyone here done this or have any valueable advice for me?
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    Welcome to the club.... That's what I do... that is, I provide end user IT support for small and medium sized businesses as well as home users. Many of the consultants I've met do this part time.. I do it full time. Where I find the greatest need for my services are for small companies that aren't big enough to employ thier own IT staff. I'm also a generalist... that is I provide a little bit of everything, database design, web design, network installation, training etc. But I also know people that specialize in those disciplines so I can source out particularly involved projects. You'll also want to allay yourself with hardware vendor or two.. It's quite usefull to have a ready source of hardware parts and reselling youself is such a pain in my book. I find my business clients are more appreciative of my services, home users can be more demanding and are less likely find your hourly rate worth it. I think because a business uses thier computers as a tool for thier trade whereas a home user uses thier computer entertainment. And present yourself as a professional consultant, as opposed to a service technician, you'll get a higher caliber clientel... and you can charge more! And I also found it helped to gain an understanding of the software that is used in different professions and how those professions operate. It's given me an insight into making better recommendations for businesses if you understand how thier business operates...
    Have fun!, Many a couch I slept on as my business grew as well!
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