So, I got my remaining wisdom teeth removed today. My uncle is a dentist and came in the office to remove them today. I had one removed about 6 years ago, but the other three I was going to try to keep.

Well, about 3 weeks ago, I noticed a BIG hole in my upper left wisdom tooth. He was able to remove all three without much fuss at all... What was funny was that he gave me these two pills about 20 mins before we started. I never felt the shots he gave of novacaine. He yanked out the teeth like they were just nails, nice and quick.

What was funny were those pills. He said that the pills would not exactly knock me out, but I would not remember anything. He was very correct with that. My mother came and picked me up, then drove me to my uncles (some 2 hours away). When we came back from there, Mom said we had full conversations, and I was very funny, but I didn't remember a second it.

Now that I am home, and the novacaine wore off, I could feel the throbbing, but it wasn't that bad at all. Though I am taking the pain killers with it (hydrocodones), all and all, it was a very pleasent experience. Thank the Lord for such a doctor, and for teeth that cooperated with it all