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    Lockline replaced my 6600 for a 6700 but HELP

    Not help really, I'm going to make my story short.

    I lost my PPC-6600 a month ago in a hotel convention, I called lockline and pay the $50 deductible and they sent me the PPC-6700 wich was perfect. BUT 2 days ago someone from the hotel called me because they found the phone and I had a sticker on the back that said all my information. Now I got the PPC-6700 currently using , and also the PPC-6600. I know lockline blocked the phone but can I keep it? I can used specially for GPS in my car.

    but will lockline track the ppc-6600?

    Should I send the PPC-6600 back to lockline or keep it?

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    they can track the phone IF they wanted to, but i doubt they will ever do that, so dont worry about that...

    the MORAL thing to do is send it back since technically its not yours anymore and lockline have absorbed the cost of it in their system. just know you wont be able to activate it . and if you sell it later and that person goes to activate it, it will be blacklisted and that person would be out of luck.

    you will get many opinions to this so sit back and wait for others to post.

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    I think it would be fun or you to call lockline again and tell them you've now lost the new 6700, pay another $50.00 and get a replacement.
    Start an awesome collection/family of convergent devices.
    Have a device party!!!
    Think of all the beaming you could do ... contacts flying through the air in all directions.
    Maybe a round or two of extreme GPS pairing.
    Who knows what else, the possibilities are limitless.
    Best Regards,
    Peace and Prosperity
    Austin A. Brady

    if you can read this you've selected text!!! :)

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