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    Sprint PCS Users - Check Your Bills Very Carefully!!

    If you are a Sprint PCS customer, check your bills VERY CAREFULLY, especially if the total "doesn't seem quite right." Sprint PCS lies through their teeth!!

    For starters, a lot of people in this forum have posted "success stories" on getting great deals from Sprint PCS's "retention department." Last September, I got a great deal from them myself for not switching to Verizon. I was promised a $200.00 "service" credit plus 20% off my future monthly bills. The service credit was never issued plus I've had to complain EVERY month about not getting the 20% discount!

    Another ongoing problem is the misleading info on their own website. I chose Sprint's most expensive Power Vision plan. This package is $25.00 and their website shows it includes a number of additional TV channels, including everything on "Sprint Plus" TV and the Travel Channel, Fox News and several others. However, when I tried to access any of them, I was prompted to pay, still more, to view the them. Sprint tech support said my plan includes all those channels and also includes "Sprint Live TV and to ignore the "pay prompts" because I would not be charged. So I ignored the prompts and I was charged! In addition, I never could find the Travel Channel, local news, VH-1 and other channels advertised as being included in the Ultimate Pack.

    Sprint PCS has always been pretty good about issuing credits when deserved. But it's the hassles of always having to call or email them plus the fact that they'll tell you anything at all, just to get you off the phone. PLEASE watch those bills!!
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