Sorry, but I had to post this up. About 2 months ago I cracked the screen on my XV6600. Time and obligations prevented me from sending it out, but I finally shipped it to PocketPCTechs for a new screen this past Saturday (1/20/07).

I know, how did I live without if for so long? Honestly, it was nice to be without a cell phone for a bit - only in the last few weeks did I really wish I had it back.

Anyway, at the time I sent it, the were quoting a 2-3 day turnaround, vs. their typical 3-5 day turn as stated on their website. They received the device Monday (1/22), and I received notification that it was repaired on Tuesday (1/23)! Since it was roughly 2x the price to go overnight vs. 2nd day, I went with 2nd day, figuring with a 4-day turn, I still wouldn't get it back until next week.

I got home last night and it was waiting for me at the door! They had waived signature requirements (a key thing to do when you desperately need your device back as soon as possible), and it was as good as new. I put a new protector on the screen and it looks fantastic. I did a restore of the permanently saved info, and everything was there. They mention on their repair ticket that you'll lose all info, but Permanent Save kept everything for me, so I'm in business.

I'm totally stunned that they turned this around in ONE day!

If you've got any repair work you can't do yourself, don't hesitate to send it out. Mine arrived in an ESD-safe bag, in a beautifully padded box that I'm going to save for any future repairs, and Martina (who took my order) was great to work with. They sent out constant updates on the order via email, and it was overall the best online shopping experience I've had to date. They are obviously very well adapted to working with people who are in a hurry to get their device back, and they did a great job.

Just had to post up to let people know that this is a great place to go with.