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    Switched to Cingular 8525 and Lovin It!

    After 10 years as a Verizon snob I just switched to Cingular 8525 to replace my severely damaged 6700. I watched the 15th come and go for the 6800. Got tired of waiting 6mos longer than the rest of the world to get latest phones. Most don't even ever make it to VZW. Just want to say call clarity, coverage, 3g, customer service, process, activation has been INCREDIBLE. 5 stars all the way. I didn't realize how much VZW made you feel like you were lucky to be a customer, whereas Cingular has been great so far. Number portability was a total breeze, took an hour and began and ended with txt msg verification from Cingular.

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    I like their lineup of phones and I wouldn't mind the slower data connection that much, but the spotty coverage around here is the deal breaker for me. All my friends with GSM phones have switched because of it.

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