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    Verizon could have had the iPhone


    Per article; Verizon was Apples first choice over Cingular to roll out the IPhone, they couldnt agree to terms; It's inzane to think of the possibilities of Apple being on the best network in the states. But with Cingular they have the ability to reach a larger audience across europe and asia. I wish the could have agreed.

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    If you take a look at what Apple wanted from Verizon, it likely was a good move to pass on the iPhone.

    1. Apple wanted a certain percentage of the subscriber fees.
    2. Apple wanted to control the repair vs. replace, not Verizon.
    3. Apple wanted the phone to only be available in a Verizon store, not places like Best Buy where Verizon has agreements in place.
    4. Apple wouldn't let Verizon discount the phone in order to make the real money on the plans.

    Great phone?
    Dunno, but it sure looks like it could be the best ever.
    Great deal?
    Probably not for Verizon.

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