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    Seidio Customer Service - Good News

    Just to give credit where it's due. Lots of griping about specific vendors and their products, but sometimes good things happen.

    Just over 6 months ago I purchased an Seidio belt holster (spring loaded snap in model) for my XV6700 from Expansys.com. I love this holster. It holds tight, releases and re-attaches easy and swivels nicely to stay out of the way. Just past 6 months (the warranty), the unit came apart (internal metal rivet failed). I didn't but this directly from Seidio, but contacted them directly. They took my information, got my proof of purchase (from the other site) and promptly sent me an RMA and now have shipped my replacement unit. Many compliments are due to:

    Maverick Leung
    Wholesale RMA Coordinator
    Seidio Inc.
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    Glad to hear there are companies out there that actually care about there customers. I had an incident at CES where I accidentally rammed someone who came to a sudden hault.

    My piel frama beltclip got smashed although the leather case is still in excellent condition. I sent an e-mail to them and they mailed me TWO spares - free of charge!

    I certainly appreciate quality service and quality products. I didn't expect them for free and I certainly didn't expect free shipping - but it was so nice not to feel like a victim.

    I am one of those people who gripe about morons who don't know about the products they sell or try to extend any customer service so I have to give high praise when a company exceeds my expectations.
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    Really - how long did it take for you to recieve your new holster? Mine broke after a month and the RMA number I got from them said it takes 1-2 weeks processing. You don't have a holster in the meantime and 2 weeks is a long time to carry this thing around in your pocket.

    Far as I'm concerned and a few others on this board (and thier posts) the customer service is very poor and lacking.

    I also find it funny how they went to the trouble to get all the information from the other company where you bought your holster yet when you deal with Seidio directly they act like you don't exist. I'm guessing they don't want the other companies to drop them due poor quality built items and numerous complaints.

    I also find it funny when they have a new product they are really quick to be on this board hawking it but when there is a problem they don't acknowledge the posts.
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