I'm considering what happened a day after I got my 6600 and then my 6700. I went to a couple of popular forums and saw all the reports of known bugs being listed with the phones. The phones were released nearly a year after their initial debut as sprint was "testing" the phones. Does Sprints definition of testing mean shoving the phone in a drawer and forgetting about it till their manager says have you completed testing?

I see so much effort being put in by people in this group and others of fixing the issues with our phones for no fee. Sprint was giving a newer AKU by HTC about 3 months ago and it still isn't even on their web site and probably never will be.

Since Sprint makes us buy their phones to use their network, why not have some of us phone enthusiasts test the phones for them, report back issue and concerns and get them fixed before they reach the public. Considering that the tools for AKU 3.5 were never fully released and yet people here have nearly completed a fully operational one just a few weeks after getting the components, wouldn't it be great for non geeks to just use the phone as a business tool and not worry about the many bugs that were present with the phone when it was first released and even with AKU 2.2 that came out about 3 months after the phone was released?

I think Sprint could then offer us patches faster as we would essentially develop them as we do now anyways but we could do it sooner if we got the materials direct from HTC. If we did the testing as we unofficially do now anyways, Sprint could "test" more phone types such as the IMATE ultimates, Samsungs, and iphones. The users would get more phones to choose from, Sprint's client base would grow and everyone could benefit.

Just my thoughts.