emoze is the easiest & most secure push email application available today.
Using emoze allows you to push your Outlook and Lotus notes emails, contacts, calendar & Tasks to Your Mobile Phone.

Download, registration and use of emoze are all free for the individual user. Users need a data package from their mobile service provider. emoze free push email works on Smartphones, PDA's, Pocket PC & POP3 Devices In other words, Hundreds of Mobile phones! In addition, you can choose to Sync your device via GPRS or WiFi.

We've put together 5 tips which we feel will help you benefit the most from your emoze experience.
So read on, we're sure even the most experienced emoze user will discover something new!

1. Time Intervals

In order to reduce data connection & battery drain, emoze allows you the option of syncing at time intervals. To configure this option do the following…

Open emoze on your device – Click on Accounts – Click on Open account
Beside Push every, choose between Always on, up to 24 hours.

2. Alert Notification Sound

With emoze, You can configure the notification alert of your arrived data "email, contacts, calendar & tasks"
To Change the configuration, Do the following:

Open emoze on your device – Click on settings – Open the advanced tab at the bottom. Under Miscellaneous, Mark the show Alert Box & Click on Alert Sound Settings.

3. Rules

The rules feature allows you to configure the folder that are being synchronized to and from your device. The following folders can be configured: Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Tasks, Calendar, Contacts & Drafts.

To set the rules follow these steps:
Open emoze on your device, Click on settings & Open the rules tab at the bottom. Each folder has it's own settings which you can change accordingly.

4. Power Save Mode

For windows mobile 5 users, even if you're setting is set to always on, emoze allows you to switch to 5 minute intervals if there has been no activity on the mobile device.

To choose the Power Save Mode option Click on the following:
Open emoze on your device, Click on settings, Open the advance tab at he bottom & Mark the Power Save Mode box.

Notice: This option is currently available only for windows mobile 5 devices.

5. Auto fix connection

This feature allows you to automatically switch to the available connection.
For example if you're working via WiFi and walk out of range, emoze will automatically switch to a GPRS connection.

To set the Auto Fix Connection on your device:
Open emoze on your device, Click on Settings, In the connection tab, Mark the Auto Fix Connection Checkbox.

If you have any comments concerning these tips or wish to share your own emoze related tips, please reply in this thread!

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