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    Smart M:Panel - A Survey panel for PDA phone users to earn money

    Smart M Panel is an influential new research panel created by M:Metrics to measure smartphone feature usage.

    You can join Smart M Panel members by installing their research software via a text link sent to your phone. The software records usage of various mobile phone features - email, web browsing, games, etc. - and securely returns the data to M Metrics without interfering with the normal use of your phone.

    Panelists are rewarded with cash and sweepstakes incentives for as long as they opt to keep the software installed on their phone. To join the Smart Manel you need to have a A Windows, Symbian or Palm wireless device, a data plan for your device and an internet connection and email account.

    You receive $15 just for joining and $5 per month for every month you remain a member, in addition to other great rewards.

    For more details visit US paid surveys page 4
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