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    "This is Where I Came In" - seriously, I will have an i760 before ANYONE

    I'm dropping clues like a madman, go to the photos section of thedieselstop.com and scroll down to "Most Popular Images" (or search for "Bundo" ) Yes, on this Ford Diesel website, the most popular image is of a photo I took of The Bee Gees. BUT, follow the trail, through my photos (including page 2). That's me with Ali, Holyfield, O'Donnell, etc. I'm not even going to get into poker issues, but I'm known amongst the pros, and YES, I have photos with Jennifer Tilly SQUEEZING against me. It's impossible to say what my role in society is without creating problems, except to say it's entertainment related. And I have used several advanced phones, including the i760, but not enough to make a solid recommendation. It was at a Playboy party in Hef's penthouse at The Palms in Vegas last month. Painted bodies, and LESS. And Jennifer Tilly and Phil Laak were there too...

    TheDieselStop.Com Photo Hosting - Main Index - Powered by PhotoPost

    The guitar Maurice Gibb (deceased in 2003, wearing the hat in this 2001 video) is playing was given to him by John Lennon. It is worth a fortune. But it is not the one you see, only the one you HEAR. Maurice didn't want to risk damaging it during the shooting of the video, and so used another guitar of the same model for the video.

    Clues in the following video:

    YouTube - Bee Gees - beegees - This Is Where I Came In
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