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    Vegas Strip as it used to be....

    Extremely rare music video made before MTV or any other outlet to show it, by a group that had the $$$$ to make these videos for posterity (YES, there are other videos, but by only by a few other groups (Beatles, Queen, etc))

    YouTube - Night Fever

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    Nice message, wrong city....

    Hey, Bundo,
    I am wondering if I know you...at least via the web ....as a Bee Gees fan. Tried to contact you privately, but no contact info . Anyway, I got here from a Google Alert on one of your posts, and had to let you know that this is not Las Vegas in the video, but is Miami Beach as it was in the 70's. This was shot on A1A, heading south, actually in Sunny Isles Beach, FL, to be totally accurate. The Shell station, and Wolfie's, are still there, though the exteriors and signs have changed. If you care to chat, my email is tbridge@beegeesfanclub.org...yes, I am the President of their Fan Club (see, folks, there are others of us out there besides him )

    Bee Gees and Brothers Gibb Fan Club Home

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    that makes me wish i had seen that for myself

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