Hey all!!! I have been a member of this board for a while... although I only post when really necessary or as time permits. But today while checking the boards I had a thought when I saw some people names and taglines.

I am a Systems and Network consultant who lives in the Northeast. (NJ) I work full time as a Senior Systems Engineer, but my job allows moonlighting and consulting and over the years I have gained a few clients who work well with my setup. (Most of my clients have a Network Admin or "tech guru" to handle day to day issues and use me to manage their systems long term to fix things when they break beyond their admins knowledgebase.)

Anyway, not to babble on.

I have been thinking about going to full time consulting, mostly for medium businesses that are looking for technologies they often don’t know about or cannot afford. But no one person knows everything (myself included) and I was hoping to link up with some peeps to discuss, plan and troubleshoot issues over time.

I am looking for seasoned people who know their stuff. Preferably who are current consultants and or work full time in the IT fields.

My expertise is Systems Engineering (from nuts to bolts) and long term management of small to medium businesses. I am looking to link up with others with knowledge in web design, Cisco firewall and routers, coding and even other System Engineers and Designers.

I would like to link up with others to refer business out of my field, sub-contract jobs too, assist with larger projects and fill in when necessary. Basically.. I am looking for some individuals or consultants to “partner” with on a per project\job basis.

PM me your email if you’re interested.. If you’re in the northeast as well that is even better. (Although I have clients all the way down to the Carolina’s. )

Disclaimer: If your first question is how much are you going to pay me or how much I can make if I partner up with you then this isn’t for you. I am looking to form a relationship with other business professionals that will lead to opportunity for both myself and the other parties.