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    Why bother calling me?

    So I'm sitting at home the other night when the phone rings. The called ID says that it's Verizon Wireless so I answer. A nice lady on the other end launches into a spiel about how I'm eligible for an upgrade at a reduced price.

    When she stops I tell her that is really nice but what does she propose I upgrade TOO? I tell her that I already have a 730 and it's obvious from my plan and usage that I'm a business user.

    The call ended quickly after that.

    Why bother calling to pester me to upgrade when they don't have anything better than what I am carrying right now?

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    Yeah, I got something in the mail reminding me that I am due for an upgrade. While I am getting sick of "connection failed" and the phone turning off by itself for no particular reason. I can't imagine trading across or down at this point. Unfortunately, everyone I know is on Verizon so switching carriers is not an option either.

    I may end up buying a real cheap phone, drop the date plan and not re-upping and just waiting for the next big thing.


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