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    cost to cancel Verizon Contract?

    anyonw know what it would cost to cancel my Verizon Contract? I have 11 mths left.Gonna switch to Sprint

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    Anywhere from 175 to 200 dollars per line, depending on what your contract said.
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    Last i checked it was $180, but that was a few years ago. You could always call and ask them. I own my phone outright, so i don't believe it would cost anything to me, but i'm not sure. When you buy a phone through verzion, they knock off $200 for signing a contract, it's their way of re-couping their costs, because they don't want the phone back.

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    You know, when my wife and I were getting tired of Sprint because they were always so FoS, we decided to cancel but didnt want to pay the breach of contract fee. So we called in one day and said we were moving to another area due to work related reasons and asked if they covered that area. Now we already KNEW they didnt cover that area and we already had the address to someone elses home there. So when they asked us where we were moving we gave them the address and all and they put us on hold. They came back in a few minutes and apologized that they didnt cover that area. Well after asking about how we were going to continue service with them in a place they didnt provide service, it finally came out that they would have to release us from our contract. So we ported our number over to VZW and signed with them. Now the next bill that came in from Sprint did have a breach of contract fee on it, so we called back in and explained what all happened with the last rep and gave them the address again. In the end they removed the charge from the account and so that is how we got out of our contract.
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    Cost to cancel VZW

    with a Price plan of your age it would be 175$ per line.... with new price plans the Early Termination fee is prorated by i think it is 5$ per month so a 24 month contract that has complete 13 mths would be 175 -(5x13=65) = 110$ to cancel. but in this case you would be looking at 175$ per line with the older termination methods

    and as far as cancel with no etf due to no service in area they need a utility bill or somethinf of the sort with the contract holders name on it in order to file for etf to be waived

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