Federal Communications Commission - FCC Consumer Complaint Form - (Form 475)

I just got a call back from the president's office of Verizon after I filed a complaint against them with the FCC.

My complaint said that I was tired at the lack of consumer choice in the US wireless industry, tired that I had to sign contracts for service, tired that the carrier got to pick the phones I could use, tired of getting 'crippled' phones, and tired that the Europeans/Asians enjoyed access to the latest-and-greatest while we got the leave-behinds. In a nutshell...

Anyway, my cousins in Europe have it so much easier. They simply pick the phone they want from an electronics shop, it isn't crippled, and they can change carriers without contracts. They also pay the same in dollar equivalents that I pay for the apparent 'contractual discount.' Easy, and consumer friendly. In addition, the manufacturers apparently like it to since they don't have to deal with these companies that act as middle-men on our behalf.

Can you imagine just buying the latest phone at Best Buy without waiting for a carrier to stock it, then signing up with whichever carrier you chose without a contract. If their service sucked, you simply took your phone, and signed up with someone else.

Anyway, the FCC has been shurking their consumer protection duties, so let's let them know about it! It only takes a second.