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    several issues - worst phone I've had no doubt

    EDIT- this was supposed to be posted in the PPC 6800 forum. After I logged in it put me in the lounge.

    I have had some bad phones, but I think this one tops them all.

    Main issues I've had:

    1. MSN Messenger contact list interferes with phone book and deletes phone book or part of it each time I sign in. I haven't signed in to MSN Messenger for months due to this.

    2. No vibrate and ring at the same time? One or the other?

    3. Alarms don't go off until YOU wake up the phone? WTH?

    4. All sounds have stopped working. dial pad, ringer, voice command... now I can only have the vibrate option for my ring. They will work if I restart the phone, but only for a short time

    5. Horrible battery life. Even if I only make one call on my phone all day the battery will only last from about 9am - 7pm. That is with it charging all night. I keep the phone locked all day so I know the LCD isn't turning on

    6. Constant flashing light? What is the point of that light that flashes all the time in the top right corner?

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    I really got messed up one time when I tried to use my phone for an alarm clock. Was late for an important meeting with a client. That was a bad day.
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