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    Lubbock,Tx not getting EVDO?? pittyful

    Dear ,

    Thank you for contacting Sprint. I will be happy to answer your
    question regarding when EVDO coverage will be coming to your area.

    I reviewed our coverage map and found that at this time there are not
    any EVDO towers in your area. There are also no locations marked where
    towers will be going up in the near future. An exact launch date of
    Sprint EVDO services in Lubbock, Texas cannot be obtained. This is because
    Sprint thoroughly tests the competence of coverage and network strength
    before launching the services in a new area, and this process is

    When we will launch EVDO services in Lubbock, Texas, numerous
    promotional offers and media will inform you about the changes.

    Updated coverage areas are available at the following Sprint website:

    Sprint Shop - Cell Phones, Mobile Phones, Rate Plans for Your Wireless Needs

    If you know anyone that would like to lease their land and have a cell
    tower put on it please refer them to the following link for complete
    information and to fill out a sign up form.

    Sprint | Contact Us

    To improve our network performance and coverage, we are enhancing the
    network this year by taking the following steps:

    1. Committing to a $2.1 billion capital-spending program, which
    encompasses network expansion, improved network capacity and performance;
    2. Signing up to add 1,700 new cell sites on air;
    3. Embarking on a multi-year campaign to acquire and build additional
    cell sites; and
    4. Improving in-home, in-office and public venue coverage.

    Thank you for choosing Sprint. We appreciate your business.

    Anna K.
    "Where our customers come first!"

    To ensure that we are providing excellent customer service on your self
    service experience, you may receive a survey on this response.

    Original Message Follows:
    Customer Name:
    Sprint PCS Phone Number: Account Number: Form: Ask A Question-Manage
    Topic: Coverage
    Question: Can you tell me when Lubbock,Tx will get EVDO? We are a city
    of over 200,000 and 300,00 in the surrounding towns.
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    Fremont, CA

    PS: Might want to remove your full name from it.

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    I didn't even know you had electricity in Lubbock

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    We do have electricity...we got it last year!!!!

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    Alltel has EVDO in Lubbock.

    But, Amarillo will be the last place to ever get EVDO...

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    Well I feel your pain. Albany, NY was the largest metro area in the country to not have high speed wireless from ANY carrier... many smaller areas had it. That went on for a year, and now finally most have it. We are supposed to get 3G from AT&T next month.
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